Briefly in English

I have trained as a nurse and graduated from the Diaconia University of Applied Sciences in 2010. My professional career as a nurse has focused primarily on psychiatric care.

In the autumn of 2016 I founded Väylä ry, a non-profit organisation that employs individuals with mental disabilities. Väylä offers sewing, packaging and cleaning services, and provides employees with contracts in line with the collective labour agreement. I am the managing director of Väylä, and directly supervise our employees.

In 2017 I was elected as a reserve municipal councilor. Working in our council group has been a great learning experience. The past four years I have acted as the vice chairman for early childhood education advisory group.

For me, social democracy is a means to combat growing inequality and discrimination in search of a fairer and more equal society.

Espoo needs investment in the welfare of its most vulnerable people, whatever the reason for their misfortune. Let’s make sure that no one is excluded from services, and that no one’s life takes a turn for the worse as a result of decisions made in municipal-level politics. Societal welfare is to everyone’s advantage.

SDP wants to create a society where freedom overcomes oppression, humanity rises above intolerance, and justness wins over self-interest. We social democrats value work and working life, public services and safe living environments, care for the vulnerable, the resolution of environmental problems and the fostering of culture and education. These core values have remained unchanged for a century and are as important today as ever before.

I want to build an Espoo that lives up to the party’s ideals, a society where satisfied people have the freedom to work and start a family, and when faced with misfortunes are offered help and the services they need in a timely fashion. I am running in the Espoo municipal elections to make this vision a reality.